Corporate Information Security Policy

ISMS-01 Version 1.0

The management of Capture Group is committed to the design, implementation, effective operation, and continuous development of ISO/IEC 27001 based information security management system. These activities are facilitated by clearly defining responsibilities and authorities for information security.

In carrying out its activities in the current ever-changing environment, Capture Group places a high priority on maintaining its information security resources and the protection of data and information management assets that are critical to the Organization’s operations, considering the needs of its stakeholders.


Our management is strongly committed to safeguarding the information handled by Capture Group:

  • Confidentiality, that is we ensure that only authorized persons have access to the information.
  • Integrity, that is we ensure that the accuracy and completeness of the information and the processing is preserved.
  • Availability, that is we ensure that the information and the information management tools are accessible to the right holder.


To achieve the above objectives, it is essential to understand and identify information assets, their vulnerabilities and threats, and their impact on our business processes. To reduce or minimize risks, we will develop a complex, effective, and manageable system of safeguards that allows us to manage our information assets with the level of security we expect, while maintaining flexibility.


We will assign clear responsibility and authority for the execution of these tasks to our staff who are aware of the importance of their role to achieve our targets in information security. The commitment and, above all, the awareness of staff in information security is deepened and developed through training.


The continuous development of the information security management system considers:

  • business continuity and assurance,
  • current legislation and relevant standards,
  • the potential emerging and changing risks and protection systems arising from technological developments and from the interconnection and changes in internal processes.


In the spirit of the above, the management of Capture Group is committed to the effective operation of an information security management system in all respects.


Signed: 05/06/2023


Gábor Oláh

CEO of Capture Group


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