Happy holidays 2022

It’s almost Christmas!

The time of year, again, when we are looking back, and contemplating what has been...

Another very unusual year…

  • At the beginning of 2022, when we thought that we are finally back to normal, after the Covid restrictions with the hope of getting our previous life back... we had to see that life is throwing us yet another curveball.
  • In February the long-awaited recovery has been suddenly overshadowed by Russia attacking Ukraine. This brought the brutal reality of war to a proximity which was unimaginable over the last decades, killing far too many, and forcing even more families to leave their homes.
  • The chain of events also hit the economy hard resulting in inflation across our markets and putting an unexpected burden on many families in Europe including those of our own teams.


And we adapt – again...

  • As in life and business, we need to adapt continually, and we try to do it to the best of our abilities.
  • Our volunteers were helping at railway stations, and distributing aid packages when refugees started to arrive from Ukraine, so we reallocated our available funds to support this cause.
  • We also realised that the new way of working requires a different setup of offices. To adapt to this, we opened our new Base in Vienna which is less like a conventional office and more a social place for the team to come together and spend a day in a relaxing environment with personal discussions including the benefits of being in the very centre of this beautiful city. 
  • Since travelling was not restricted anymore, we took the extra mile and organized our annual team event in Valencia, Spain which turned out to be the perfect spot to bring our people closer - finally in person. Thus, we also had the chance to get together with our friends from Spain, France and Italy with whom we share our joint business. The memory of these moments will stay in our minds for a while… 
  • In addition, we understood that we need to take care of our colleagues even more so we decided to give out one-off bonuses besides the regularly revised salaries to help ease the challenges of the increased energy prices. 


Happy team, happy customers...

  • As always we have been working hard to keep our growing customer base happy and provide the quality of services expected from Capture. 
  • With more than 350 large enterprise customers in the DACH region and Hungary, this was a demanding exercise for the team, but they delivered an outstanding result.
  • Capture moved on to strengthening its strategic partnerships with both Broadcom and ServiceNow. With Broadcom, we are (jointly as Tricise) the top Tier-1 Strategic partner in Europe while with ServiceNow we have successfully maintained our Premier Partner status for Alps and CEE. Both give us plenty of options to grow further over the following years.
  • We kept on investing in new software product add-ons to compliment the off-the-shelf offerings with exciting features we have identified while working with our customers. 
  • Also, we are prepared to extend our services offerings with Low-code /No-code business apps which should be an interesting direction for the ServiceNow users helping them to maximize their platform investment 
  • Our team grew as well, and now we are over 150 experts including our core team and our partners. It is a team that keeps on being dedicated to our customers and bringing value through our engagements every single day!

There is a lot to contemplate, a lot to look back on. But we also have something to look forward to. The holidays, the peaceful days, the family time. 

This Christmas, we invite you to just be. We have a long year behind us. With work, effort, difficulties, challenges – ups and downs. It's time to relax, time to sit back, enjoy, and take this time for yourself.

Because the people around need you rested and recharged. Because your responsibilities will be there next year too. Because to be the best version of yourself, you need to let go of the all-year-long perfection that you strive for.

This is what we will do. We will stop for a while. We will rest and eat and drink and have fun. And we will forget about business. So that when next year comes, we could be here for you again, so that we can deliver the same quality and excellence that we usually do – or even more, with another year of experience. This is what we will do.

What an incredible year! As I am writing these lines it is snowing in Vienna, which turns my thoughts towards the upcoming season… Thank you for your business and cooperation in 2022 with us, and we are looking forward to continuing it in the new year. Until we see each other again next year, we wish all the best for you.

Undisturbed and unproductive days. Lots of fun. Love. Laughter. And loads of calories.

And happy, peaceful holidays with all your loved ones.

See you next year,

Gabor, on behalf of the Capture team


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