– You previously worked in a management position for IBM Hungary. How could Capture convince you to join their team? 

– During my 20 years at IBM, I learned a lot and worked with amazing people. But the time comes when you ask yourself what you really want to do. I knew that I needed a break for a while and when I decided to leave IBM last autumn, I knew I wanted some time out, at least half a year, without even thinking about business. I have to say that the 8 and a half months were memorable and I think of it as the best decision of my life. Around February, I already started to contemplate considering what opportunities I could have. After some consideration, I had a shortlist of two companies - one would have meant changing the industry I would work in, and the other was Capture. During our interview, discussing with the stakeholders of the company, and taking future opportunities into consideration, I thought working for Capture is a chance I shouldn't miss. And with the experience I have, I believe I can do great things.

– What were your impressions at the interview, talking to the stakeholders? 

– The thing I deem important is the humility and modesty while still being highly professional. After all these years, you already have an intuitive feeling about who you would be a good match for, and this match was there from the start with Capture. I met honest, serious, visionary professionals - and this is very inspiring. The company culture is attractive, the team is great, from the juniors up to senior management, the atmosphere is good, and the management does a lot to keep it this way.